How to Fixed Windows 10 Control Panel does not Respond

Control Panel is a crucial Windows program where you can make many configuration changes and offers tools and options to fix, update and improve your computer. If you can’t open it or if the Control Panel doesn’t respond, start Task Manager and close any suspicious processes. Also run a malware scan and check the system files.

We have a Control Panel area on the site, where we write articles similar to this one. Do you have a slow computer or do you get an error message? See our Windows 10 Troubleshooting Section for help.

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How to Watch the Bundesliga Online, Free and Live

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sporting events have been postponed indefinitely. However, little by little we are returning to a relative normality, and now yes, the Bundesliga has been the first of the major leagues to retake the competition. Since last May 16, German football is back, and that’s why in today’s post we are going to review all the legal methods at our disposal, both free and paid, to watch the Bundesliga in streaming or from TV.

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How to Recover Photos and Videos from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a communication tool that allows us to chat with any contact – even if they have us blocked – instantly and even make video calls (although there are much better video conferencing apps, WhatsApp is not bad either). But it is not less true that we also use it to send many photos and videos.

If we are not used to saving these multimedia files, we run the risk of accidentally deleting them at some point and not being able to access them. Can you recover deleted photos from WhatsApp? Effectively. And what about the videos? Can they also be recovered? And it is!

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